Monday, August 08, 2011

DC Scoop Comes to the Florida Market


I received this flyer for the first of the aforementioned pop-up restaurant events coming to the Capitol City (AKA Florida) Market. Union Market is the name for the development going in right where you used to find the flea market on weekends. The event sounds interesting, and they've got a children's ice cream eating contest, free samples, live music, and an art installation.

Supporters and Vendors: Edens and Avant, Gallaudet University, VerdeHOUSE, Scout Mob, and Seasonal Pantry, Plush Gelato, Sweet Willows Creamery, Dolcezza Gelato, Toby’s Homemade Ice Cream, Nielsen’s Frozen Custard, Dolci Gelati, Tropical Ice Cream, Sinplicity Ice Cream, Prigel Family Creamery, Milwaukee Frozen Custard, Orange Cow, Coppi’s Organic Restaurant, and Georgetown Scoops.

August 20th 1-4pm. The show goes on rain or shine. For more info hit up the event on Facebook, or follow @the DCScoop2011 on Twitter.


Dave B said...

Hooray childhood obesity

djbays said...

Dave B -- my thoughts exactly!

Ice cream!!! said...

You two must be a blast at parties!

It's a free ice cream festival... Relax and enjoy!

Dave B said...

You must be a blast at parties

Relax and keep not getting jokes/sarcasm

andrew said...

I was walking through the market on Sunday, and I've gotta say that it seemed even dirtier/smellier than usual.

I love the variety of merchants and vendors here, but the sanitary conditions were frankly a bit disgusting (especially at that Mexican Fruit store that sells obviously-expired produce covered in flies)