Tuesday, August 02, 2011

DCmud: Pop-Up Restaurants Come to Florida Market

Photo by Ken Firestone

DCmud has an interesting post on the possibility of pop-up restaurants coming to the Florida Market (AKA the Capital City Market). This development is related to Edens and Avant's recent hiring of Chef Brandenburg (formerly of Cafe Atlantico) as Director of Culinary Strategy.


Gonzo said...

This could be aweome. Not sure they will get a lot of foot traffic, but I'd certainly make the jaunt.

Anonymous said...

Sounds awesome. There's a lot of vacant and underused lots and buildings there, and this should be a great asset for the neighborhood.

point said...

dude, of course they won't get foot traffic. that won't matter though. they won't need foot traffic.

this sounds fun and intriguing. i'd go.