Monday, August 29, 2011

GGW: Ward 5 Needs More ANCS

I intended to link to this Greater Greater Washington post when it first came out, but better later than never. The author argues that Ward 5 needs more, and smaller ANCs. I could not agree more. All of the three ANCs in Ward 5 have 12 commissioners each. That's way too many commissioners, and way too much space for each commission. When a commission covers such a large area the danger is that commissioners may end up voting on issues with which they are unfamiliar, or with which they may actually have competing interests. Obviously, there are several other good reasons to split the ANCs, but I think the author addresses the points adequately in his article, so I needn't repeat them. Those who've been around a while will recall the difference it made when they split ANC 6A.


Anonymous said...

Ward 5 redistricting seems to have gone silent in general when compared to 2 and 6. Has everyone retreated to the smoke filled back room already? Surprising since there's a prolific blog commenter on the task force

IMGoph said...

"prolific blog commenter" = me?