Friday, August 05, 2011

Music in the Courtyard 8/13

Yamomanem at the H Street Festival (photo courtesy of Galley OonH)

Gallery OonH (1354 H Street) presents Music in the Courtyard, a summer long outdoor music series. On Saturday the 13th catch Yamomanem playing New Orleans style jazz. $5 for entry gets you live music from 7:30-9:30.


Anonymous said...

I have a question about the H Street Trolly. I've heard that the project is not going to proceed for a few reasons (the cars are too big for the bridges to support, the electric power is a problem, synchronization with the DC traffic lights is a problem). Anyone else have any information?

Anonymous said...

What a waste of money. We should be using money spent on the arts to pay down the debt.

inked said...

there are a lot of rumors out there regarding the streetcar. The ones you mention are not true. The project is happening, the time line is just a little longer.

East_H said...

There have been a lot of blog comments lately about the streetcars not coming. On twitter earlier this week I mentioned this @DDOT and they quickly responded:

"Not stalled by any means. We are moving forward with process to hire contractor to complete H Street line. Will select firm in fall."


"Also, expect announcement in coming weeks about purchase of new cars for H Street line."

So yes, the project is moving forward. Unfortunately, DDOT has fumbled the PR on this project again, and again, and again...

Anonymous said...

So the rumors are true - DDOT already bought cars from the Czech Republic years ago and they've been stored in Baltimore ever since. Why are they buying new cars now?

inked said...

the rumors are false. DDOT had already bought some cars but not all of them.

Dave B said...

I would be surprised if the streetcars are too heavy on a pounds per square foot basis. I think the double decker long haul buses that use the bridge are heavier because you have two decks of people, cargo, and all the machinery related to a gasoline engine.

A streetcar is probably heavier than a bus because it is much longer, but that weight is spread out more on the bridge.

Electric power is only a problem is we make it one by not allowing overhead wires. I think that hurdle has been cleared though.

Synchronization with traffic lights would be great if they could achieve it (maybe they can maybe they can't). I think it would only slightly degrade the system's effectiveness if it didnt work out. The light timing on H is pretty good during rush hour. You can take the X9 from 8th street and sometimes get past the union station parking garage without hitting a red light. One red light along the way to North Capitol seems to be about the norm.

Anonymous said...

When are they going to replace the bus stops in the 1200 and 1300 blocks of H? Do we have to wait for the trolly to get them back?

13th&Hish said...

DDOT had three streetcars delivered from the Czech Republic in '09 - last I heard they were in storage at a WAMTA rail yard in Greenbelt. Also, the head of the streetcar program was let go/quit a few weeks ago. I'm optimistic streetcars will happen, but it will likely be more than a few years.

Rayful Edmond said...

Same developer from 300 L St project to redevelop Faith Bible Church on MD Ave.

Anonymous said...

They purchased 3 cars yes but they will need three more for an H Street line.
They have already decided that the H Street line will use overhead wires.
The streetlights are not an issue.

oboe said...

the rumors are false. DDOT had already bought some cars but not all of them.

These were purchased for the Anacostia line, not for H Street.