Friday, August 19, 2011

National Journal Interviews Anwar Saleem

The National Journal has a piece on Anwar Saleem (of H Street Main Street) looking back on the 1968 riots on H Street.


ro said...


Anonymous said...

Was anyone able to ID H Street or any surrounding area in the slide show? I couldnt tellbut I'd like to check out some pics
A Adams

Anonymous said...

The :34 second mark kind of looks like 13th and H looking west, with what is now Granville's etc. on the right, but not sure.

wylie coyote said...

the national journal got the date of king's assassination wrong. it was in april, not august. smh. journalism is at a new low.

Anonymous said...

"Saleem and a team of engineers were recently invited to see the King memorial before it’s unveiling, as a thank-you from the city "

Is that accurate? Isn't the memorial controlled by the National Park Service?