Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Rabbi Payless


The DC Farmers Market way back in 2005. Note the pork specials at this stand.


Rayful Edmond said...

Off-topic, have folks been successful in appealing property tax assessment increases? I just received a supplemental assessment for the first half tax year of 2012. The assessed value increased 37% over last year. The only noticeable improvements on the exterior are a new rear deck, rear siding, and a fresh coat of paint on the front facade. The DC appraiser tried gaining access to the inside of my residence several times last spring, however our schedules did not match.

Anonymous said...

37%?!? I had always heard that by law your assessed value could only go up 10% in a given year.

10th St said...

We appealed after a similar experience. Got slight improvements out of the first level of appeal and are going to just accept that. What 9:27 says is sort of true -- your assessed value is uncapped, but if you live in your home you can only have your bill increase by 10% per year. We probably would have fought our increase harder if that wasn't the case.

Anonymous said...

It's only if you've been in the home more than a year, BTW.