Monday, August 29, 2011

Y&H: Impala Update

Tacos Impala in January

Young and Hungry discusses the latest developments with Impala, the Mexican restaurant coming to 1358 H Street. Impala is the brainchild of Troy Hickman. Hickman partnered with Erik Bruner-Yang to create the temporary pop-up Tacos Impala this past fall in the Philadelphia Water Ice space. Hickman's no newcomer to the neighborhood. He's a partner in Jimmy Valentine's Lonely Hearts Club, and he's been involved in multiple build-outs along the Corridor.


Anonymous said...

Nice, those tacos were good.

Anonymous said...

I like that it is going to be permanent but I assume prices are going to be going up because they have to cover more rent for a sit-down establishment. Guess I liked the no-frills walk up with few choices in exchange for the nice price.

Chris said...

Mixed feelings.

Happy that Impala is going to reappear.

Bummed that Joe's Coal & Ice is shelved (I think a beef place on H would be great).

Unsurprised that JC&I is shelved, though -- there's been no news about it in years, it's seemed.

Gonzo said...

A liqour license could substantially help their rent woes, but yes, it would be a bummer to pay more for tacos. In any case, more viable and tasty local business is a good thing.

Dave B said...

What is a beef restaurant? A steak house?

Re: prices. Are people really willing to pay more than $3 a taco? I don't think they could really charge that much more

Wasnt there also taco place going in on near 9th St that was to be opening a little sooner? Anybody got a status on that?

Anyway, two tacorias should help keep prices down

Anonymous said...

It's not like Tacos Impalas and PWI was cheap to begin with. What are they going to charge, $13 for three tacos? Please.

Anonymous said...

If the prices are too high, I'll just head a bit further down the street to Chipotle at 5th n K (5min bike ride)

Anonymous said...

where is a chipotle on 5th and K?

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:41- the chipotle will be opening soon at City Vista. beside Ace Hardware