Friday, September 16, 2011

HSGS: Urban Rider at H Street Festival

H Street Great Street reports that we might be getting a bike shop on H Street sometime soon, and Urban Rider will definitely have a booth at tomorrow's Festival.


djbays said...

I saw lots of fun stuff at the Daily Rider booth at the festival and look forward to them opening shop on H St. They have a website:

Anonymous said...

bikes are for gentrifiers

inked said...

I didn't include the link the other day bk I couldn't get the site to come up. Also, just me, or are we a tad troll heavy today.

djbays said...

They must have gotten the site up just in time for the festival.

oh, yeah, and bikes are for trolls, and gentrifiers and everybody else, too.

Anonymous said...

not for paraplegics :(

Anonymous said...

The site went up literally 30 minutes before the festival. We think that bikes are for everyone, and that H Street has waited long enough for a shop.

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