Thursday, September 01, 2011

HWDC: Fogle Murder Update

Homicide Watch D.C. has charging docs in the August 29th murder of 17 year old Tyrell Fogle. Anthony Hatton, 18, is accused of chasing and shooting Fogle in the 1900 block of Bennett Place (in the Langston Terrace neighborhood). Hatton, of SE DC, wore a mask as he chased Fogle and fired several shots at him from a 9mm Beretta. Fogle died of his wounds shortly thereafter.


Anonymous said...

That's a really unusual weapon to pull off an 18-year old kid. Not your average street weapon, that's for certain. Often service issued!

E in Rosedale said...

And what an ass, right in front of two cops.

CarverLangston said...

The cops literally turned the corner just in time to see the muzzle flash. It's not like he whipped the gun out right in front of them.

But, he did shoot at them as they chased him. A genius, that one.

E in Rosedale said...

@carverlangston: Shot at the cops!? 'Genius' is right. I think that cancels out any style points he got for not shooting the the poor guy right in front of them.