Thursday, September 01, 2011

POP: 1118 H Street For Rent Again

1118 is the one with the Birdland sign

Prince of Petworth points out that 1118 H Street is back on the market. This bears noting because it was supposed to be either a Cajun restaurant, or a Mediterranean spot, from the guys behind Slice of Life.


Roxanneismyalterego said...

Unrelated, but somehow I thought the Big Board concept had folded, but it seems they're hiring up a full staff on Craigslist:

The Big Board, located at 421 H ST NE, is hiring for ALL POSITIONS! The Big Board will serve gourmet burgers, salads and sides in a two-story restaurant with two bars.

We are hiring for one CHEF position to oversee all back of the house operations. This position is salaried.

We are also hiring LINE COOKS, BUSSERS/RUNNERS/BARBACKS, DISHWASHERS, and possibly an additional Bartender or two.

Please respond with resume to the email address above and specify which position you are applying for.

Campy said...

Good news on Big Board, nice to hear that they plan to utilize the upstairs too.

Gonzo said...

The former chef from Queen Vic, Adam Stain was doing some consulting work for Big Board, which indicates that these guys are taking their menu seriously. Stein made some seriously good food at QV and is focused on local sourcing. I'm actually pretty excited about Big Board, despite the initial PR hiccups and the quirky pricing scheme for beers.

Gonzo said...

oopse, that should have been Adam Stein!