Monday, September 19, 2011

Street Car Finally Up & Running (Sort of)

IMG_5406 by saelDC
IMG_5406, a photo by saelDC on Flickr.
Visitors to Saturday's H Street Festival got to see this special streetcar take a ride down the rails.


Anonymous said...

These guys are my neighbors . . . I saw and heard them working on it for hours. Great to see the finished product. Great work guys!

Peter Luce said...

Hi there - if you want to get involved in this sort of merry prankstering for the 2012 H Street Festival, see here for more details:

Anonymous said...

It was really fun seeing these guys at the festival. I really liked it. It would pretty cool to see a parade of 'street cars". I bet it did take a lot of work though, it had a lot of crafty detail on it.