Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tenant's Rights Summit at Gallaudet

Tenant Summit 2011

At Gallaudet Univ., Kellogg Conference Center
800 Florida Ave

Free Admission Free Food Prizes Giveaways

Sat., Sept. 17, 2011
9am - 5pm

Registration Starts at 8am. Register online now, or call (202) 719-6560.
For more info call the Office of the Tenant Advocate at (202) 719-6560.


Beenscrewed said...

What we need is a Landlords Rights Seminar. This town holds the renter accoubtable for little and grants too much leeway on basic responsibilities. And double that for Section 8 renters.

Robby said...


Anonymous said...

Totally agree. I am going to attend just out of curiosity but DC needs to seriously reform it's landlord tenant law.

Anonymous said...

As a renter I never pay the last three months rent before I move out. I mean hey, what can the landlord really do? And after I'm gone they never follow up....So my next victim doesn't have any warning. The key is to do this with a small landlord who owns one or two properties .

Derek said...

How many people have gotten their security deposit money back with 12 month interest? It is part of the DC tenant laws.

Anonymous said...


You sound like a gret person.

Anonymous said...


You sound like a GREAT person

Anonymous said...

Not only do renters need MORE protection, but they need GUARANTEED residenced in the city! Because hey, why should people be forced to relocated when economic conditions change?! It's not like anyone ELSE in the history of America has ever had to go elsewhere to find employment or affordable housing. NO! It must be given! And paid for by SOMEONE ELSE!

But don't expect them to do things like, pick up trash, or tend to the garden, or anything else.

Josh said...

Landlords get the shaft in DC. I always screen, screen, screen my prospective tenants because their rights are too powerful. I can see wanting to protect tenants from slumlords, but what about protecting landlords from bad tenants?

jason said...

Before I brought my house, I thought to buy a 4 unit apartment, renovate it and rent it out. Agent said it was a bad idea because of this very reason, even admitting he had some current problems with a rentor.

Also explains why there's a lot of those so-so 4 unit condo's on the market, especially the Jordan on West Virginia/Mt. Olivet

Anonymous said...

Haha. U can screen all u want, but mommys gonna live rent free on you for a couple of months. Also, I pay during the month, when I want. Like one time, I wanted a new TV, so I just paid for the TV and forgot to pay rent for a couple of weeks.

Also, I never clean after I leave. And I always leave stuff behind. Because I don't own it and I don't live there, so your property becomes my trash can.

Anonymous said...

DC tenant rights laws is what happens when people who never had anything or own any property (poor people) make laws, and many of these ill thought out laws don't stop with the Landlord Tenant law.