Thursday, September 15, 2011

Y&H: The Queen Vic's British Invasion

Photo provided by the Queen Vic

Young and Hungry seems quite pleased with the fare cooked up by the Queen Vic's (1206 H Street) new Chef Ian Reeves.


Anonymous said...

Ate there last night. Pretty good food. I miss the mushrooms that the other chef did as a special. But the new guy seems to be doing good stuff too.May the queen Vic thrive.

oboe said...

Does anyone know what happened to the ale selection at Queen Vic? There's Old Speckled Hen on nitro, then a bunch of offerings that you could get at any generic Irish bar, some kind of flavored honey ale from Fullers, and what looked like 5 different types of cider. Might be time to call Oliver in Baltimore and see about getting some cask ale.

Nice that you've got good food, but a gastropub needs to remember it's a pub.