Thursday, October 06, 2011

CP: Miller Time on H Street

Auto Zone
The Autozone lot is one of the H Street properties owned by WestMill Capital

Housing Complex has an interesting piece on a development team poised to play a big role on H Street.


Trinidaddy said...

Oh man, we're gonna see some wild and crazy shtuff!!!!

No we're not - it will be another banal mixed use development catering to myopic twits. But here's hoping it's something actually cool.

Actually love the Bon Chon it!

Dave B said...

I dont know, moving the Autozone to 13th and Maryland and puttingthecarsontheroofsoundssofuckingcoolman I ranoutofbreathinexcitementandhadtomakethewordsalloneword


Anonymous said...

Why would the neighbors like a the Autozone any better than a gas station at 13th & Maryland? I think not.

ro said...

That article doesn’t really give me much faith in these guys. Just dumb money looking for a purpose. And how would you build an autozone at 13th and Maryland? Do they mean 14th and Maryland? Either way, good luck trying to get that one through. Maybe we can just reuse our old shell no! signs.

Anonymous said...

At least it is one way to spend your trust fund.

tonysmallframe said...

Get outta my alley

cas said...

must be 14th... I live at 13th and Md... wait, is there something people are not telling me?

Anonymous said...

Maybe if we bitch and whine enough we'll get to keep the Autozone forever!

Hillman said...

Never quite understood why DC politicians don't go to Autozone corporate HQ and makevrhe case for Autozone terminating their lease. They got the lease through a sweetheart deal with city funds. Since then they've been terrible citizens. They allow illegal auto body work in their parking lot, yet for years wouldn't allow the lot to be used after hours to help out neighboring businesses. They rarely even bother to shovel their sidewalks after snow.

Why can't DC convince them its in their best interest to relocate elsewhere so thwy can be bad citizens elsewhere?

Note this is a repost from Housing Complex.

Hillman said...

Also worth noting that DC is losing out out a ton of new jobs and massive tax revenue as long as Autozone stays at that location.

Over a couple years we could be talking about several million in taxes, particularly of the use includes a lot of restaurants.

I wonder if anyone has actively tried to work this out, or if these new owners are basically on their own.

As for relocation to the old Shell site, I suspect even trying that would be a painful lesson in understandable neighborhood opposition.

Anonymous said...

Why don't those rich boys just buy the Autozone lease? Why does government have to step in and solve every problem?

Hillman said...

Govt should help because Autozone is a DC govt created problem. They crafted the lease and literally created Autozone at that site, as part of their very poorly designed urban renewal efforts.

H street landlord said...

Autozone should move east of the river maybe?

Anonymous said...

Those boys should have asked for the property to be delivered vacant at closing. I'm all for writing letters.

oboe said...

No we're not - it will be another banal mixed use development catering to myopic twits.

I'm always puzzled about the use of "myopic Twitterer" as some sort of anti-gentrification code-word for young, white, middle-class people.

In fact, Twitter is more popular with African Americans than with any other ethnic group.

BB said...


LOL, go read that first comment again. It doesn't say "myopic twitterer" it says "myopic twit". The word Twit is NOT derived from Twitter.

1.A silly or foolish person.
2.A state of nervous excitement: "we're in a twit about your visit".
Verb: Tease or taunt (someone), esp. in a good-humored way.

nearsighted: unable to see distant objects clearly.

Way to throw out the race card there buddy.

media assassin said...'s always about race with you huh? You played the race card and got played. I'm sure that you're not good at poker and many other things. A mind is a terrible thing....if you don't have an education. Oh, and it's a terrible thing to waste too. Go get educated please!

oboe said...

@bb & @media assasin,

Is it possible that neither of you even know the origin of the term?

Watch them at the chic new eateries, Fenty's hip newly arrived "creative class" firing up their "social media" networks whenever he's under attack: Why should the mayor have to stop his work just to meet with some old biddies, they tweet. Who cares if the mayor is arrogant as long as he gets the job done?

Myopic little twits.

Next you'll be telling us you coined the phrase "nattering nabobs of negativism" too.

Anyway, welcome to DC! I hope you enjoy your stay in our fair city!

oboe said...

Oh, and if you could somehow manage to work out a plausible interpretation of my comment as playing the "race card" that would be pretty helpful, too.

BB said...

Your link doesn't seem to work but I googled it. I hadn't realized "myopic twit" had become such a popular turn of phrase in DC and all its bickering. Forgive me for not keeping up with the latest name calling wars in our wonderful city. There's no connection between the words Twit and Twitter so I still don't understand what Twitter has to do with it. And to be clear, my use of "race card" was directed at your unnecessary use of race to make a point. Though I'm still not really clear what your point was in the first place.

oboe said...

Google it. "Myopic twits" has exactly one context. It's a phrase that was coined by Courtland Milloy last year to describe "newcomers" who spend all their time on Twitter.

It sounds like you overheard this phrase at some point, thought it sounded "nifty", and decided to add it to your repertoire.

Meanwhile, anyone who's a local knows exactly what it means. I was just pointing out the irony that Milloy would coin the phrase as a racial code-word for "young professional whites" when in fact Twitter is statistically more popular among blacks.

As I said, I'm not sure how your strings are wound so tight that such an observation would strike you as "playing the race card." My guess is you're just trying to stir the pot. If not, go educate yourself.

H Street Landlord said...

+1 Oboe.