Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fatal Domestic Stabbing on West Virginia

This not so cheery news comes via the MPD-5 listserv:

This afternoon shortly before 3 pm [yesterday], a 44 year old resident of a home in the 1300 block of West Virginia Avenue, NE, was stabbed to death during an apparent domestic dispute.

A passing officer was flagged down and found the man inside the home.

An 18 year old woman is in custody in connection with this homicide.

Andy Solberg
Commander, 5D

I'm told that it happened at 1309 West Virginia.


Anonymous said...

any news on the shots fired at 10th and K/10th and florida? same "kids" as last week? why are they calling these individuals firing weapons in broad daylight in residential areas "kids" after all instead of criminals. what are the cops doing about this feud??

Anonymous said...

What was the victim wearing at the time of the stabbing?

dt said...

I'm guessing they meant 1309, as 3109 is somewhere north of NY Ave. Sad.