Thursday, October 06, 2011

Lost Cat Bond


A reader writes in with the following tale:

Our cat, Bond, got out last night. He is an indoor cat and has never been outside. We are hopeful that he comes back as our other cat (his brother) did not get out. I have noticed that you have put things on your website about lost pets before and was hoping you could do the same for me. We live on 4th Street NE between F and G and assume that Bond will stay in the vicinity. He has his claws, is a very nice cat, but is very skittish around strangers. We think he is probably hiding somewhere. Attached is a picture of Bond. He is a black and white, tuxedo cat and has a black spot on his nose. He is a medium sized cat.

If you could post my phone number 202-255-5666, I would greatly appreciate it.

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dt said...

Haven't seen him but let us know if he comes back! Also, Prince of Petworth posts about lost pets as well. Might be worth a shot. Best of luck!