Friday, October 14, 2011

Seeking ASL Fluent Research Participants

Seeking ASL-fluent research participants for an excursion on H Street
Researchers conducting the "Peripatetic Convergence Project" are seeking native/fluent signers to participate for one hour to help investigate the way signers relate to each other as they navigate the H Street Corridor. Participants will record their navigational experience by wearing a special portable camera headset.

Duration of session: One hour

Possible dates: October 15-31

Participants will be compensated in cash at the end of the session.

To express interest, please email peripatetic[at]
Participants need to be:

Deaf or hard of hearing
Native or fluent signers (not using SimCom)
Age 18 or over
***This is an IRB approved research project.***


Anonymous said...

Anyone have info on the shooting this morning?

Anonymous said...

25 year old male taken to the hospital. I wonder if this is related to the 9am shots that were fired a couple of Saturdays ago.