Friday, November 04, 2011

Destination Abricots at the H Street Market


Here's an easy way to help out kids in Haiti while you do your shopping at next Saturday's H Street Farmers Market (you can also bring items to Ginko Gardens on Sunday):

Destination Abricots is collecting for children ranging in ages 0 to 18 years:
Basic needs: clothes (summerand light Fall clothing only), shoes, underwear, rain gear, school bags, lunchboxes, toiletries etc., and Sunday clothes.
Educational needs: musical instruments, table games, art materials for drawing, embroidery etc.; early reader books, comic books, teacher's edition books, and English / French, and Spanish / French dictionaries.

Sporting equipment: soccer and basketballs, goal nets and basketball hoop rings, sporting gear for these games like jerseys, shoes and socks.

Uniforms: Was your child on a soccer or basketball team in recent years? Coordinate with other members of your child's team to see if they would be willing to donate old uniforms. We are looking for 11 - 15 matching boys' jerseys in sizes medium and large and 11 -15 matching girls' uniforms in sizes small and medium.
Has your child been in the boy scouts or girl scouts? Coordinate with other members of your child's previous troop to donate used khaki uniforms for newly established girl and boy scout troops in Abricots.

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Anonymous said...

This is great. Can anyone verify that this is a reputable organization? A Google search produced no info on this organizatio one way or the other. I would like to donate, but want to make sure that the kiddies are actually receiving the goods. I've heard on the news that there is/was massive corruption in Haiti in regards to charitable donations. Any insight would be great. Thanks

Anonymous said...

She is the one organizing this effort and knows the people and can explain her connection to them to you. She is a local.

dave b said...

I doubt this is a scam. They are collecting (used) things for kids. They can really only go to children somewhere, mostly likely needy children.

If you were going to give cash, that would be different. Used items dont have much value non-needy people (well except hipsters)

Anonymous said...

Thanks anon.

Dave b- its not that I think its a complete scam, but I've heard of situations where government favorites/cronies take first pick of donations coming in for themselves and sometimes even proposition women in exchange for items.I was just hoping that there is some reliable way of determining that the items get where they are needed most. Maybe I watch too many tv specials...

David Hobbs said...

Hi everyone,

Lisa my wife is the organizer. When she lived in Haiti as a girl Jean-Claude Fignole was like a father to her. He is now the mayor of Abricots, and he recommended the CAPED organization because of its work with the children in the region. Food For The Poor also works with Jeane-Claude Fignole, and they are taking care of the shipping from the states through customs in Haiti (that is usually a primary concern about getting goods to the final destination). This is a very direct link between those donating and the recipients. Destination Abricots is a one time drive (it's not an organization), and Lisa and I are paying for the miscellaneous expenses (flyers, truck, storage, etc) and all those involved are donating their time. If you go to you'll see more information, including links to CAPED and Food For The Poor.

Thanks for the questions. We appreciate the dialog. Please ask more questions if you are concerned about this going to the children.

Also, please note that the drive at H St Farmer's market is *next* Saturday, not tomorrow. That said, we live close by so feel free to use the contact link on the website if you would like to bring things to our house.

KM said...

We're also collecting items at Boogie Babes shows on the 10th and 11th - at Eastern Market and Atlas respectively. $1 off the show for items donated.