Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Local Link Round Up

Ivy City News: Housing Complex contemplates the future of the Crummell School (check out the nice video).

H Street Eats:

Scoutmob suggests that you try Toki Underground (2nd floor of 1234 H Street). WAMU reports on the hot commodities down at the Big Board (421 H Street). Metrocurean talks food and beer parings with Granville's (1238 H Street) Teddy Folkman. Cloture Club enjoys brunch at Liberty Tree (1016 H Street). Washington Post food critic Tom Sietsema reminds us to not be that guy who no shows/no calls when he makes reservations. The Post writes up Chupcabra (the new food truck venture from the Sticky Rice (1224 H Street) crew. DC Taste Buds tries out a birthday dinner at the Atlas Room (1015 H Street). Eater interviews a chef who loves Ethiopic (401 H Street). Young and Hungry dug the peking duck feast at Toki Underground (2nd floor of 1234 H Street).

H Street Arts: writes up Theatre Alliance's Black Nativity (at the H Street Playhouse December 3rd through 31st). Mindful Melissa recalls the arts cars from the H Street Festival.


Anonymous said...

I think Toki has slipped recently - the broth has been saltier and the noodles a lot softer. I hope they return to their earlier recipes and methods because they were fantastic.

Anonymous said...

You must have gotten an off batch because mine were nice and chewy this week. Broth was excellent too with lots of depth. Didn't notice the salt,and I usually do because I'm suppose to be on a low salt diet. I'm thrilled that they now do carryout.

Yelp Betty

Anonymous said...

You know what, Granville Moores has been terrible lately. I mean the service is fine, but the food isn't good. Let me just ask, how do you make crab dip bad?