Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Submit to Art in the Alley

Would art look better here than car doors? I think so.

Are you a visual or performance artist (professional, or amateur)? If so, please consider submitting your work to Art in the Alley. Art in the Alley seeks to bring local art to local spaces (you do not need to live in Trinidad to submit your art) by creating a pop-up art gallery in the alley. The event takes place 5-9pm Saturday November 5th in the alley between the 1200 blocks of Florida and Morse. Submissions accepted until the last minute. Please send all submissions to istandakimbo[at]gmail.com.


Anonymous said...

Inked, it seems that this Art in the Alley is glorifing alley dumping. I realize they are talking about bringing your art to their alley (I hope), but based on the picture it looks like take a picture of the junk/"art" in your alley and we'll promote it. I think this is a bad idea with a misleading picture and should be explained before anyone starts creating an art projects in their alley in hopes of being recognized by Art in the Alley.

inked said...

I generally try to assume that people who read Frozen Tropics aren't complete morons. I think most people would understand the idea of a pop-up art show to which you must submit your work for prior approval. I see where you're going, but I don't think the photo or announcement is going to incite/inspire anyone to dump anything in their alley.

Consider it more like a smaller version of this concept.

BTW, that's actually an old photo I took of the alley in which the exhibit will take place.

Kenny G said...


I'm still willing to pay for a high-res, print quality copy of this photo.

djbays said...

First of all, this isn't an official promotional photo for Art in the Alley. It is actually Inked's submission to the event. The event is to showcase local art in local spaces.

Secondly, jumping to the conclusion that the event promotes illegal dumping -- seriously?? Setting aside my sarcasm in favor of being polite...

I hope Anon and other doubters will attend the event. The neighbors make a real effort to keep this alley clean and free from illegal dumping -- the change that has occurred over the years is illustrated by Inked's photo. Although I do enjoy a good car door . In fact, I have one hanging on the wall in my living room...)

aka istandakimbo

Anonymous said...

Call me a moron, but I'm confused. Is your old picture a picture from Art in the Alley or junk that was found in the alley where Art in the Alley is now held? I can understand the concern of 2:32 because I see something similar to this in my alley all the time and I don't consider it as art.

inked said...

Kenny G.,
we can talk again, but I don't really have a high-res version on this one. I could show you a sample, but it's not going to blow up super huge.

This is the first year for Art in the Alley. So it's an old photo of just the alley with junk in it. I'm going to direct you to the photo caption: "Would art look better here than car doors? I think so."

Follow the "concept" link in my previous email. This is going to be more people hanging photos and paintings from walls and fences. The stuff will be there a total of four or five hours.

For the record, I haven't made any submissions (it could be kind of cool to show photos of the alley in which viewers are standing). I might send in a couple of photos.

John said...

Wow, Inked, so many readers get worked up over some very minor things. This neighborhood is starting to go downhill! (just kidding about that last part, sort of....).

I regret that I will be out of town this weekend because I think the Art in the Alley event sounds wonderful! And I also happen to love the photo of the car doors.

Best of luck to everyone who submits art for the event.

inked said...

Thanks John,
I'm really excited too. People were out last weekend cleaning up the alley in preparation. I think this could be a very cool event. It's a great chance for amateur artists to exhibit their work, and for all of us to celebrate local creativity. It's a win win.

John said...

If it becomes a regular event (or if it's repeated at all), I'd like to submit a photo or two. They're amateur, but that's one thing that is so great about the concept - acceptance and encouragement.

inked said...

You still have time to submit and exhibit. It you can't be around I bet that a friend could help you out.

Anonymous said...

occupy the alleys!

Anonymous said...

Does this mean there won't be alley access for parking behind my place?

Yay for art (as long as the alley is cleaned up afterwards)

Trinidaddy said...

Yaaayyy art! Will the hot tub currently in the alley be a part of the exhibition?

Anonymous said...

I actually think that Cap Cab door would look cool mounted in a bar. Joe Englart - the lounge needs that door.

djbays said...

The Alley will be occupied but not officially closed. I believe most residents know about the event, but some may have missed the announcements (sorry!). Since it is a very wide alley, there is room to share.

I'm so glad people are concerned about the trash and dumping in the alley!

There was an alley clean up in preparation (sorry neighbor if you missed that announcement and thus weren't able to help out). We even cut back tree branches that were blocking the alley light.

And the alley will be cleaned at the end. Do realize that the organizers live on the alley and are the ones who usually clean up all the trash and illegal dumping anyhow. The hot tub was picked up by DPW the other day.(remember if you see illegal dumping or have bulk trash to be hauled away, call 311 or go to 311.dc.gov -- we all need to be part of the solution)

And if anyone would like to submit work to future Art in the Alley, just email istandakimbo@gmail and we'll put you on the list to contact prior to the next event (think spring)

I hope to see you all out for Art in the Alley