Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Big Board Adds Weekday Lunch

Big Board by Nivad
Big Board, a photo by Nivad on Flickr
The Big Board (421 H Street) launches its weekday lunch menu starting January 2nd at 11am.


GRr said...

i live a couple block from h street, and only frequent the bars/restaurants at night, as i work out near tysons. i know that several places are open for lunch. do they get much business during the day? enough to justify/cover the costs of operating during lunch hours? just curious..

Trinidader said...

I was shocked how many people were at Taylor at 2 pm on a random Tuesday about a month ago. I've also seen a decent number of people at Star and Shamrock for lunch. I think people from NoMa and Capitol Hill venture over here or order big to go orders for the office.

Alberto at Shawafel told me one day he'll be slammed at lunch and the next day there will be no one, so it seems to depend on the day. Good news for the strip though if places are getting that daytime demand.

Anonymous said...

Yea! Another place to do some day drinking!!!!

wylie coyote said...

I think there are a few people who run home businesses around the Hill (consultants, etc), stay at home moms and the like that could be lured out by some type of lunch specials (especially if they involved some type of giveaway to the lil tykes). I imagine offering some kind of lunch discount to noma workers and sec employees might get some lunchtime action jumping on the strip too.

Kev29 said...

I think Big Board is close enough to some heavy office work areas to work -- if they get the word out well. It's so different than, say, 13th and H. Just over the Hopscotch Bridge from the many workers on First St NE. Half mile walk from Senate offices. And people will walk for food on the Hill because the other choices are so weak.

Katie said...

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