Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Unemployed & Behind on Your Mortgage? There's Help

Are you behind on your mortgage because you lost your job? Do you know someone in that situation? If so, check out this program. It's only open to those those who previously worked, but were laid off. Details below:

The DC government, through the Homesaver Program, now offers forgivable loans to homeowners who have fallen behind on their mortgages because of unemployment. If you own a home in DC, are receiving or have received unemployment benefits at any time during the last 6 months, and are behind on your mortgage because you were laid off, you may be eligible for a loan to help bring your mortgage current. Call (202) 667-7006 or attend a FREE foreclosure clinic to find out more about this program and other realistic options for avoiding foreclosure.


Wednesday, January 4—12:00 P.M.
Wednesday, January 11—12:00 P.M.
Wednesday, January 18—12:00 P.M.
Wednesday, January 25—6:00 P.M.

Where: Housing Counseling Services
2410 17th Street NW
Suite #100

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