Tuesday, January 17, 2012

AtlasVet Announces Soft Opening

Here you go:

Our preparations are coming to a close and the final touches are being added as we speak. Very shortly, DC's newest veterinary clinic will be up and running and we wanted to start spreading the word.

The opening process will occur over a 2 week period and we will start with a "soft opening" the week of January 23rd for friends, family, and local neighbors that have been so supportive during our building phase. We will have longer than usual appointments during this week as we get ourselves and our staff up to speed on our new state-of-the-art software, digital radiography and lab machines. The service you receive this week will be exemplary as we will be spending more time with you and your pets than a standard 20-30 minute appointment would allow. Surgeries and dental cleanings will not be performed this week but surgery consultations and the ability to schedule future surgeries/dental cleanings will be available.

Hours of operation:

Monday 8am-8pm
Tuesday 8am-4pm
Wednesday 8am-4pm
Thursday 8am-8pm
Friday 8am-5pm
Saturday 9am- 1pm

More info after the jump.

To schedule your appointment for our opening week please email us at:


Please include your name, pet's name and age, reason for appointment, and a phone number where we can reach you. We will confirm with a response email or a phone call.
We will be accepting appointments by email up until January 23rd when we will be able to take appointments by phone.

As of January 30th, we will be fully functional and will have normal appointment hours.

If you would like to schedule an appointment for January 30th or later, please call and schedule an appointment starting January 23rd

(202) 552 8600

Final pricing is still being determined and will be competitive with other local veterinary clinics.

In mid to late February, we will be hosting an Open House with opportunities to take tours of the facility, meet the veterinarians, meet the staff, and get free stuff for you and your pet. We will have more information on the exact date later. Keep following us on twitter @atlasvetdc, facebook: www.facebook.com/atlasvetdc and our webpage www.atlasvetdc.com which will be up and running soon!!

Also in February, AtlasVet will be helping to promote Mutts Gone Nuts at the Atlas Performing Arts Center (Saturday February 25th, 2pm, ). Look for our "Ask the Vet" Table!!

This has been a long journey and we could not have done it without the support of our neighbors. We want to send special thanks to the crew at Metro Mutts, Alberto at Shawafel, Frank at SOVA, Tony T at The Pug, Casey and Dave at Taylor, and TC and all of our friends at the Atlas Performing Arts Center!

See you at AtlasVet!

1326 H. St NE
Washington, DC 20002
202 552 8600


oboe said...

I wish these guys all the luck in the world, and I'm sure they'll be great, but I thought the phrase "soft opening" in conjunction with pet health care a bit jarring.

It's one thing if Sticky Rice screws up your order while trying to get their shit together. Quite another when Rover's health is at stake.

Maybe "early preview" or "community meet-up" or something less tainted.

Tom A. said...

I don't think they mean they're trying to figure out how to provide animal care- it's more about their phones, scheduling, computer systems, etc!

I dont think the chefs at Sticky Rice were learning how to make sushi during the soft opening there!

I'm fine with the soft opening label.

Robin said...

This is really fantastic. It's a huge step for the land of restaurants and bars to offer a service for residents (two-legged and four-legged). I gladly welcome the "soft opening," "early preview," and "community meet-up."

I certainly wish them all the best.

Good Luck! said...

Really excited for the opening. One of these guys has seen our dog at his previous practice, and I can't imagine him giving less than excellent treatment to your pet. If anything, the vet was kind of a big animal dork. Considering how craptastic customer service can be in DC at doctors' offices, the dentist...I kind of like that Atlas Vet is being honest and saying "hey we need a week or so to work out our customer service." If they kill a dog during the soft opening, I'd think that would be bad for business (unless it's a dog in a stairwell and the MPD are involved, then all hell is fair game).

a_w said...

Best of luck and I'm really glad to see them open.

What's up with the exam table in the front window? are they going to keep it there? if so I'm guessing there will be blinds or curtains.

emo said...

Dogs are for people with yards. I prefer the alley cats that live in our bathroom.

Anonymous said...

Why can't we get a bakery up in this b*tch?

Dave B said...

I'm confused by the soft opening as well. They are relying on all their friends and family to have sick dogs in a two week period??? Who plans to bring their dog to the vet in advance? Do we really offer preventative care to dogs now? This isn't a restaurant or hair salon that you are dying to try out. It's a place to go reluctantly when your pet eats something it shouldn't

JJ said...

Seriously people, are you criticizing the way they are going about their soft opening? Sheesh, get a life.

Dave B. -- Spoken like someone who has never owned a dog. I take my dog in to the vet every 4-6 months for checkups and vaccinations. Not just when he is sick. And yeah, he does have better health care than me.

Good luck to the AtlasVet guys and welcome to the 'hood! Please ignore the trolls. Unless, of course, you have experiencing treating trolls.;) We got a lot of 'em in this neighborhood!

inked said...

Dave B.,
People do take pets in for regular well pet appointments, and people have known that these guys were opening soon. I was down at AtlasVet for an article interview yesterday and they already had 17 appointment requests.

Robin said...

Dave B,

I've postponed my dogs annual visit for 3 months waiting for these guys to open. I'm sure I'm not the only neighbor who has waited (or who hasn't watched the construction make way for a coffee bar that needs to be sampled...).

Chris said...

Dave B -- people with cats and dogs take them in for routine checkups. It's not by any stretch a new thing, either; it's just a part of pet ownership.

Chris said...

Anon 8:11am -- we can't get a bakery because, as Joe Englert broke it down economically here a year or two ago, a bakery around here has to sell multiple hundreds of items every day just to break even; and nobody with money believes a bakery on H would draw that level of business.

Good Luck Again! said...

Routine preventative care is an important part of pet ownership. All dogs in DC should be vaccinated for rabies. If your dog isn't current on its rabies vaccine, it shouldn't be going to DC dog parks (your rabies dog is breaking the law, breaking the law, breaking the law). If you own a dog and you walk it before sunrise around H Street, you know there are several very large raccoons that we share the street with, so in addition to not breaking the law, you're saving your dog from a rabies scare if he's bitten by one of the raccoons (Yes. I mean real, live raccoons.) Dogs who visit local kennels also need the kennel cough vaccine every 6 months. And if your female dog is still capable of reproduction, she needs routine visits so you don't have false pregnancy scares (yes even your dog can be a potential gold digger). These visits are expensive, yes. But that expense should be taken into consideration before purchasing a dog. Finally, most but not all dogs in the neighborhood get a whole lot of exercise even without large yards. Most of the dogs on my street, with one notable exception, probably get 2 hours of walks a day and often more on weekends and if you count dog park time as exercise. That sad one exception, though, yeah that's sad. And until it's unlawful in DC to keep your dog confined outside in a small backyard with only a small porch roof for shade and without stimulation for hours on end, it's going to continue to be the one exception.

Anonymous said...

A few more high rise condos on the west end of H and there just might be enough capacity to support a bakery, though the Giant will likely fill that need when it opens.

Me, I'm hoping for a "deep cut" beer store...not the cursory beer section Schneider's has, but a full-blown, hundreds of varieties of beers type of place like you can find in Pittsburgh or Philly, but which doesn't seem to exist in this PBR town. Surely there's enough interest in craft beers and microbrews around H to support it, though getting a license for another joint selling alcohol may be difficult to get thanks to the Churchies.

oboe said...

I'm hoping for a "deep cut" beer store...not the cursory beer section Schneider's has, but a full-blown, hundreds of varieties of beers type of place like you can find in Pittsburgh or Philly, but which doesn't seem to exist in this PBR town.


Now apologize to DC!

Dave b said...

Yes, lets do what they do in PA and sell beers by nothing less than a case, and not cheap, or in smaller quantities at restaurant prices.

The corner stores and liquor stores around here do a pretty good job of not overlapping their beer selections. It might take a little more effort, but you can find your hundreds of varieties

Anonymous said...

Anything I don't like to do should be AGAINST THE LAW!

dave b said...


you waited 21 dog months to have your dog checked on??? the damage is done.

Anonymous said...

dave b is hilarious.

21 dog months? i guffawed.

that is all.

*insert yuppies care more about dogs than people comment here*

lol @ your dog having better health care than you. priorities, people.

oboe said...

I'd be happy if I could buy a 6/4 pack of English bitter at Schnieiders. Pretty sad when the "premier" liquor store on Capitol Hill doesn't stock any traditional British ale at all.

Dave b said...

Check the place next to sidamo. Pretty sure I have seen old speckled hen there. Maybe they have other british stuff