Thursday, January 05, 2012

DC Soundstage Comes to Benning Road

This one somehow flew under my radar, but DC Soundstage is now open and operating at 2403 Benning Road. They definitely offer drinks, comedy, and live music. They don't have a food menu posted, but I did see a space for one. Oh, and they have pool tables. Here's their Facebook page.


Anonymous said...

DC Soundstage is the newest business in the Kingman Park Community. The Kingman Park Community had their community Holiday Party there and it was really nice!
Visit to see pictures of the Holiday Party.

Anonymous said...

Here is DC Soundstage website.

It is a really hidden jewel on Benning Road in the Kingman Park Community.

John said...

I ran by DC Sound Stage yesterday afternoon and the owner was very welcoming. The interior looks good, with 2-3 pool tables, seating for about 12-15 and 5 more at the bar. The space may fit about 50 people (not sure - it's a long and narrow space like spaces on H Street)

Anonymous said...

I don't get it -- isn't Kingman Park really Rosedale?

Anonymous said...

Kingman Park is Kingman Park and Rosedale is Rosedale. Two neighborhoods adjacent to one another. Kingman Park and Rosedale doed work closely together as a community.