Thursday, January 05, 2012

Feds File Charges Against Harry Thomas Jr.

The Post's Mike Debonis broke the news that the Feds have formally filed charges against Ward 5 Councilmember Harry Thomas. The Charges are:
1. Theft concerning a program receiving Federal funds;
2. Filing a false tax return.

They claim he stole $353,500, and failed to report $346,000 in income. Also interesting it the allegation that the theft may have started in April of 2007, and continued for almost two years (February 2009). It looks like the majority of the funds were stolen in 2008. Thomas allegedly filed false tax returns for three straight years.
Read the full document here.


Anonymous said...


i really do wanna be like poo! said...

wait, this can't be right! after all, isn't he an official elected by the people?! i'm sure it's all just one big misunderstanding...

Dave B said...

do the tax charges stem from the stolen funds? in other words, stolen money is taxable???? i suppose it should be. i'm just surprised they take the extra step and pile on taxing your stolen income after charging you for stealing. or maybe they can't get you fo stealing, but they get you for avoiding taxes. not sure how this played out

inked said...

Dave B,
The IRS requires you to report ALL income. He under-reported his income (the money he allegedly stole) three years in a row.

Anonymous said...

Its how the got Capone.