Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Fire at 657 F Street Today

Reader supplied photo

A reader writes in with news that there was a fire at 657 F Street today.  I do not know if there were injuries, but here are some reader supplied photos of the scene around 4pm.

Reader supplied photo
Reader supplied photo
Reader supplied photo


Anonymous said...

There was also a big fire (looked even worse than this one) at 635 M St on New Years Day. All of the residents' charred belongings are dumped in the front yard. I walked past the F St fire early this evening and saw the residents leaving the house with a bag or two, so at least something was barely salvageable. Sad, and scary.

Anonymous said...

A neighbor posted on another listserv that the resident got out safely.

Dave B said...

how do these things happen so i can avoid it? are there common causes in these rowhouses

smokey said...

Dave B-

Only you can prevent row-house fires:

Make sure the electrical in your house is up to code.
Smoke detectors on all levels
check smoke detectors a few times a year
Keep fire extinguishers on all levels, especially by the kitchen.

don't leave candles, fireplaces etc burning unattended

djbays said...

the fire department does home safety inspections and fire prevention inspections -- Call (202) 673-3331 for an appointment

there is also a smoke alarm program: http://fems.dc.gov/DC/FEMS/Education+and+Outreach/Smoke+Alarm+Program+ASSAP/A'sia+Sutton+Smoke+Alarm+Program+-+ASSAP