Friday, January 06, 2012

Harry Thomas Jr. is Gone. So, What's Next?

The law calls for a special election after 114 days. I expect this to be a pretty packed field (sort of like a while back when we had 12 candidates). Here's what happening right now with possible candidates (partly cribbed from various Twitter feeds, but also something I've been working on).

Definitely in:
Kenyan McDuffie
Delano Hunter
John Salatti
Tim Day (I'm assuming)

Considering running:
Mark Jones (State Board of Education Member for Ward 5)
Ron Magnus
Frank Wilds
Drew Hubbard (identified by Mike Debonis as a Council Staffer)

Possible candidates:
Anita Bonds
Kathy Henderson
Kathy Pearson West
Robert Vinson Brannum
Rae Zappata
Angel Alston
Frank Malone
William Boston

So, this could be a big field. There's a movement out there that seems like it wants to handpick a candidate, or a small number of candidates to fill this seat. I'm going to go ahead and say that's a TERRIBLE idea. Those kinds of political games put Harry Thomas in office in the first place. So, I'm really not happy when I see things like this tweet from Mike DeBonis "Vincent Orange announces he's hosting 'meeting of the leadership in Ward 5' next Monday, 7 p.m. at Israel Baptist Church." Hmm.


Anonymous said...

This special election would be open to all registered voters, not just registered Democrats right?

inked said...


oboe said...

Hooray! Vince Orange as Ward 5 kingmaker!

Just shoot me now.

Anonymous said...

Time to run Inked

Anonymous said...

I agree. Inked, this could be yours if you wanted it.

inked said...

Thanks guys, but I think we'll see at least one highly qualified candidate that we can all get behind.

Anonymous said...

Behind is right my man!

Robby said...

Hmm, have read this and DeBonis' article last night, and past experience I fear we may end up with a hand selected person from the Ward 5 current political establishment.

While CM Thomas' ethics were deplorable and his actions criminal, he was responsive. You could reach out to him and he would respond. He helped Trinidad during that difficult checkpoint period. While nothing will excuse his actions, I don't seek to move backwards as we've done with Mayor Gray (in terms of citizen access).

We need a candidate that is willing to embrace all citizens of the Ward, to stand up for us all, to be willing to attend meetings, and talk to people (the powerful, and the not so powerful). W/o any lack of attention for any. We need someone really on Twitter, someone who is vibrant is is willing to try new ideas. We need someone accessible, committed, caring, passionate, smart, educated, politically astute, refined but not a jerk or a crook.

If anyone has an in with a member of Congress, I need to ask for a rider, I need my neighborhood moved to Ward Six, all I listed above is in CM Wells.

Anonymous said...

here, here! CM Inked. :)
I'm a Ward 6 voter, but I'd walk the pavement for that campaign.

Robin said...

Agreed. The fact that VO is hosting a "leadership" meeting makes me want to run the other way. I'm hoping to stop by for a hot minute, but if not hopefully there will be some tweets/updates later. I sort of don't want to acknowledge the meeting... just seems like that would give VO even more power.

Anonymous said...

John Salatti!!!!