Friday, January 06, 2012

Harry Thomas Resigned (Finally)

Here's a link to his official statement, and a nice piece from the Post. Apparently we've made a little dubious history here. From the article: "Thomas is the first member of the D.C. Council to resign under duress since the District’s home rule government was first seated, in 1975." Awesome. Thomas plans to plead guilty to two federal charges. Mike DeBonis has a nice collection of links to various coverage, and notes that Thomas' statement suggests that he hopes for a second act. Ugh.

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Robby said...

With all due respect, this isn't "Awesome" This is a sad period of DC History. Even sadder is that we had to have him resign, be convicted, or the almost impossible task of a recall in which he could have run and possibly have won the seat back. We need to amend the charter to add term limits, and impeachment processes. DC can use Nebraska's process as a model as they too only have one house.

Instead or looking at structure, we are focusing on who's next. It wont really matter, we need to fix the process. Otherwise we are at the mercy of the public official, and hey have little chance of being fired.