Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Last Night's Ward 5 Candidate Forum

I did not make it to the Ward 5 candidates forum at Lace Lounge in Brookland last night from 6:30-9pm, Attendees saw 13 candidates strutted their stuff. One notable exception was Delano Hunter, who confirmed his attendance, but then pulled a no-show. Hunter's Twitter account says he attended at SOTU watch party at Lima Lounge instead.  On its Twitter account Lace describes itself as a lounge/club for LGBT women (though I saw a note online indicating it's not strictly a lesbian bar anymore), so I've heard some speculation that that fact may have kept Hunter away. For the record, Lace Lounge has hosted local ANC meetings in the past. Whatever Mr. Hunter's motivation in snubbing the event, it was a weird (and kinda rude) thing to do. Hopefully he can be bothered to actually show up for the next one since he's considered one of the more serious candidates (the rest of whom all attended).

In more general news we're up to 18 candidates so far for the Ward 5 Council seat. It's unclear how many will actually appear on the ballot. Want to know more about the forum? Check out this DCist post, and make plans to hit the next forum (this coming Tuesday).

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DCJaded said...

I've already seen Delano Hunter posters up in Bloomingdale, so I suspect he feels he didnt have anything to gain by showing up. Also, he probably didnt want to be seen mixing with the gays. I suspect he'll show up at every church though.