Thursday, January 26, 2012

Local Link Round Up

power sunset
Photo by Frozen Tropics Flickr pool user Philliefan99

Local blog Irbyisthename enjoyed brunch at Granville's (1238 H Street)American Eagle's inflight magazine Latitudes has visitors to H Street covered with plenty of recommendations for dining and the arts.      Dust Jacket Dispatch gives a basic overview of the strip, and Washingtonian lists its top 14 picks on H Street in the piece Cool Comeback. We Love DC takes a closer look at the Popularise crowdsourcing  approach to choosing a tenant for 1351 H Street. We Love DC is besotted with Toki Underground (2nd floor 1234 H Street), and Forking DC's a fan too. When you visit make sure to check out all your sake options, which The Huffington Post explored fully. Eater looks at Smith Commons (1245 H Street) as the restaurant turns one.Even if you aren't looking to devour the Burporken you should still try to catch a show over at Red Palace (1212 H Street). CBS just chose them as one of the best rock bars in DC.

A little off the main strip the Washington Post considers the future of the Uline Arena. Could it really become a music museum?


dt said...

Hmm, I'm torn: on the one hand I'm disappointed Queen Vic doesn't get more love, the food is as good or better than anywhere else on H (except maybe Atlas Room and Ethiopic) and it's actually affordable too. On the other hand I'm glad the tourists will all be going elsewhere, so I can always get a seat! So I guess it all works out.

Anonymous said...

I've heard that Capital City Diner is closing. Can anyone verify or deny this?

JJ said...

Yeah, DCist just verified:

That's really sad. I was rooting for these guys but their block is still kinda sketchy and the Denny's certainly didn't help.

inked said...

It's true. The owner had recently posted on Facebook about making a tough decision. I was worried that it might be about the diner.