Thursday, January 05, 2012

Roadside Cafe Closes Its Doors

I just learned that the Roadside Cafe (2101 Benning Road) officially closed its door yesterday. I had only visited the restaurant once, but I enjoyed my dinner. Roadside Cafe offered live jazz in a lush outdoor setting (one would never guess that the interior portion was a former car wash.


tiffanyc said...

i pointed them out to a friend the other day and we both mentioned how it would be great to eat there in the summer with some red stripes. i'm truly sorry i never made it there.

Cherie said...

i had eaten there a few times, amazing food, good service, reasonable prices, but slow in the kitchen and just not a lot of people there.

I thought they were just having a tough time with the winter.

Richard Layman said...

all of H street will have to be thriving, and Hechinger Mall too, before establishments east of 15th Street can count on succeeding.

At least the Argonaut was in a defined retail district with some other stuff, not always great, around.

DC's a tough place to succeed for an establishment all by itself.

In the 1990s, a friend of mine who at the time went out all the time pointed out to me that when people go out they don't go to a particular establishment so much as a district, so that if "it's not happening" at the establishment you go to first, you can go elsewhere, seek better opportunities for fun, you're not stuck.

Outlying establishments like this one, Brightwood Bistro, even Love (it relies on patrons not from the city) have a hard time.

Anonymous said...

sI never made it but wish I had. Not that it is related to the closing, but one of the employees was just arrested for murder:

Too bad. I actually agree with the owner's comments about looking toward the future, not the past, but it doesn't look good.