Wednesday, January 04, 2012

WP: HTJ Update

The Post has the lastest on the Harry Thomas Jr. saga. Here are the highlights:
1. No final deal has been reached. We might see one in the next week or so;
2. Apparently HTJ really doesn't want to plead to stealing public funds;
3. HTJ did call friends last week telling them the tax related charges could get him three years.

In other news, Kwame Brown has said that his office will candle Ward 5 constituent service should Harry Thomas Jr. resign.


JJ said...

Gotta love DC. Replacing one felon with another...

Doesn't Kwame get an extra Navigator for every ward he has to take over?

a_w said...

He probably doesn't want to admit to stealing the funds in hopes that he will get re-elected one day.

Tax corruption, people will forgive/forget and vote for him again.

Taking funds that should have gone to the youth- different story

inked said...

I'd bet that most people who stole money would prefer to admit that they did it.

If he pleads, I'm betting his political career is over. This isn't like smoking crack. Even if he goes down for the IRS stuff, he'll still be remembered as the guy who stole from kids.

Tom A. said...

Thomas can't hold a "candle" to Brown, although he may "wax" philosophical as his career "tapers" off.

handsome sammy said...

I wonder, could Marion Barry have made a comeback today? I think that the DC of 1990 is gone and that hopefully, the electorate is less forgiving.