Monday, February 20, 2012

$59 for One Hour Hot Stone Massage

Healthy Motions (lower level of 702 K Street) has a deal up on Bloomspot, and it's not too late to grab it.


Anonymous said...

i already redeemed my bloomspot coupon and had a fabulous hot stone massage. it's in a basement studio, very comfortable and quiet. their regular prices are affordable, definitely will go back.

Anonymous said...

Umm....a massage at a random basement apartment on K street. When did this become the Craigslist NSA site?

inked said...

Ken & Granetta have been operating their business out of the basement of their house for years now. It's fully licensed. You'd probably even recognize them if you saw them. They eat at the Argo with their young daughter all the time.

Healthy Motions said...

We're not a random basement on K Street, we live here and have a home occupation permit to practice massage therapy out of our basement studio. We've been here for 9 years with many of our clients from this neighborhood. We're licensed massage therapists, we've never advertised on craigslist, and Inked has been very kind to support our business on this blog just as she does the many other businesses in this neighborhood.

Healthy Motions