Saturday, February 11, 2012

60 Years Sentence in 2010 Murder of Joseph Sharps Jr.

Kwan Kearney has been sentenced to 60 years in prison for the unprovoked killing of 17 year old honor student and athlete Joseph Sharps Jr. in November 2010. Sharps was walking back from the store with a friend when  they came upon a group containing Kearney. A press release from the US Attorney's Office tells the rest of the story:

"As the two groups of young men passed each other, Kearney bumped Joseph. “Stop, pump-faking,” said Kearney. “I’m not pump-faking,” replied Joseph. Kearney confronted him again – “What you reaching for?” Joseph said he wasn’t reaching for anything. According to the testimony of one eyewitness, Joseph then raised his hands and shrugged, as if to say that he had no idea what Kearney was talking about. Kearney then pulled a Colt .38-caliber revolver from his waistband and shot Joseph in the belly. Kearney kept shooting. Joseph’s friend was hit in the leg, and Joseph was also hit in the leg and shoulder."

The two teens did not know Kearney, who is also suspected of murdering another man that same week.

Homicide Watch DC


Anonymous said...

60 years. So he'll be eligible for parole when? Five years?

Given the description of the crimes committed, why exactly does this subhuman deserve to retain his own life?

Anonymous said...

Blame Barry.

Anonymous said...

Inked -- FYI, the second link (the one for Homicide Watch) is wrong. Both links currently have the same WTOP URL.

inked said...

Thanks. Should be fixed now.

Anonymous said...

Shooter was 18 at the time, want to bet he was a DYRS ward?

They put down mad dogs dont they?