Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Boundary Road Opens Monday

I had meant to put up a post last week when I took these photos, but I got really busy. Now I'm hearing from multiple sources that Boundary Road (414 H Street NE) will be up and running Monday. I will try to add details from my notes soon. For now you can enjoy more photos and the full menu after the jump.



Hand-Cut Old Bay Fries with curry mayo . . . $5

Clams Casino—lightly pickled, bacon lardon . . . $9

Rapini Salad—chilled rapini, pickled shallots, avocado oil,
Firefly Farms goat cheese . . . $6

Endive Salad—endives and iceberg with a creamy Stilton dressing,
apples, and toasted walnuts . . . $7

House Salad—carrots, radish, red onion, and mustard vinaigrette . . . $5

Winter Minestrone with pumpkin seed pesto . . . $8

Maryland Crab Soup . . . $8

Foie Gras Torchon PBJ—grilled country bread, homemade peanut butter,
peach vanilla jelly . . . $14

Veal Sweetbreads—roasted purple potatoes, Swiss chard,
and Karlos’ Peruvian Everything Sauce . . . $11

Quark and Black Pepper Pierogi . . . $10/$16


Red Wine Braised Lamb Shoulder with polenta, shallots confit, carrots . . . $18

Grilled Venison—chestnut purée, spicy kale, juniper sauce . . . $22

Roasted Pork Blade Steak—butternut squash, spätzle, celery root . . . $19

Paprika Dusted Flounder over a Spanish fishermen's stew . . . $20

Brick Chicken—mushroom fricassee, farro, Brussels sprouts . . . $17

Queso Fresco Arepas with tongues of fire beans . . . $17

Bison Meatloaf—roasted broccoli, mashed potatoes, and gravy . . . $17

three for $15
five for $25


Red Apron Lomo

La Quercia Prosciutto Americano

Red Apron Speck

Duck Prosciutto
Hudson Valley, New York

Housemade Pâté de Campagne

Bernina Bresaola

Fra’Mani Salame Gentile
Berkeley, California

Fra’Mani Classic Mortadella
Berkeley, California

Busset Rosette de Lyon


Red Hawk
Cowgirl Creamery, California
Buche Noir
Firefly Farms, Maryland

Kasseri Champignon Cambozola
Bavaria, Germany

Midlands, England

Beecher’s Flagship Reserve


Jimmy Carter Cake
Damn Fine Pie by the slice
Greek Yogurt Flan with figs, hazelnuts, and honey
Apocalypto Cake

Our menu changes frequently and may not mention everything in a dish.
Please inform your server of any dietary restrictions and we’ll make it work.


GRR said...

the website also is a little more updated. just a little. and now you can make reservations.

i also noticed they have a "PRESS" link on the site. i think that's a good sign..

Anonymous said...

No beef options?

Anonymous said...

The likelihood of confusion with Boundary Stone 2 miles away is immense.

R said...

According to the website, you can make reservations starting this Friday...

Boundary Street said...

Are Boundary Stone and Boundary Road related? Same owners?

a_w said...

Place looks awesome. Very nice job on the interior. Best of luck Boundary Road.

Anonymous said...

Interior looks great!
Tough menu though for those of us who don't eat meat. :(

Anonymous said...

I agree what about beef options on the menu .

inked said...

10:22 & 6:28,
The entire menu will change on a very frequent basis depending on what is available, in season, and very fresh. I'm sure you'll see some beef offerings at some point. Until then the bison meatloaf sounds delicious.

oboe said...

Looks like that was a "placeholder" menu anyway. Site's still being updated when I go to that tab.

Anonymous said...

I stopped by there last evening and someone inside said they were opening this weekend for the neighborhood. But, the sign on the windows said opening Monday. It looked great inside.

Unknown said...

The website allowed me to make a reservation for today...we'll see if they're open.

inked said...

I think that might be a website error. They are NOT open to the public yet. Reservations should start Monday. If the site is letting you make one for tonight I'd call to check on that.

Unknown said...

They are taking limited reservations for the next few days as a soft opening.

inked said...

Cool. Thanks for the info.

Anonymous said...

i'm going to open a bar called boundary stone road.

joshne said...

Just got back from dinner. They've done an amazing job with the interior. I had 2 cocktails, both great. Food was good, despite a couple of expected but minor missteps given that they haven't really opened yet. This place is going to blow the eff up.

Kiki said...

While they aren't open yet, if last night was any indication, they are set to be pretty amazing. The staff was great and very personable and the food was super yum without being overdone or complicated.

They really are genuinely interested in feedback so I hope people take the time to chat with them and offer opinions before they rush to the blogs to complain.

Thanks for the great meal guys.

Anonymous said...

Had dinner last night during the soft opening...Pierogis were FANTASTIC, Arepas tasty as well. And service was actually pretty good for a debut night - attentive, everything came out in a logical order with no hangups. Decor is fantastic. My only negative is that, as we've all come to expect from H Street, it's a bit overpriced for the volume of food you get. The wine list could stand a few more lower-priced options as well, though what they had was very good...there just isn't much choice on the low end.

All in all, a great addition to H Street and it's nice to get another option that focuses on quality rather than kitch as their draw.

Tom A. said...

Had dinner last night during the soft opening. At first they said they couldn't accomodate us, so we walked out, but the hostess came out and ran across the street telling us to come back! They seated us at the communal "harvest" table- which was very appropriate for the giant full moon rising in the eastern sky.

Service was fantastic! And the ambiance is amazing! The food was just "fine." I'm not sure how you elevate rustic food, but the chicken needs to somehow be better than the chicken I can make at home. The pork chop was similarly "fine" - not too different that what one would make at home.

I thought the prices were reasonable-- for DC, anwyay. Similar to H Street Country Club, but a MUCH better dining experience.

All in all, an exciting new addition to H Street!

don't overeat said...

Portion size control

Anonymous said...

it would be so cool though if smaller portions meant smaller prices

Anonymous said...

Agreed on the wish that smaller sizes meant smaller prices...$10 for a big bowl with a small lump of pierogis seemed a bit much, when there were really only about 4 half-dollar sized little pasta pockets deep down in the bowl. DELICIOUS pasta pockets, mind you, but at $2.50 each??

Zoe Peterson said...

heck yes, sounds amazing. thanks!