Friday, February 10, 2012

Celebrate the Pug's 5th Anniversary



Dave B said...

"future drinkers"...nice

Isnt it about time to remove the "No Specials" part of the mission statement?

Maybe replace it with "No, This is isnt Toki"

Anonymous said...

Had some of the best blueberry pancakes of my life at The Pug last weekend from their new cook. The subs they have now are solid too.

Likes to fight at the Pug said...

Now I'm not looking forward to the weekend, but instead I'm looking forward to next Monday-Sunday to hangout at the Pug.

sipp said...

Nice job on the posters. I'd buy one.

Poo is in da poster market said...

Yeah, the posters are phenomenal. Dare I even suggest, or introduce the word "art?"

Have 'em signed and auction 5 of 'em off.... !

Margaret Holwill @HStreetDC_ said...

The terrific poster was done by local graphic artist Ben Mahler.He used to do the art work for DC United, but now he's freelancing.

To see more of his work, follow him on Twitter @SumpinNew, a neat and challenging creative project. He does a new poster each day that he links to through twitter.
I have no idea how he comes up with SumpinNew every single day, but they're worth a look.