Sunday, February 12, 2012

Contra. Verse. See. Digs Smith Commons

Smith Commons
Photo by Greg Powers. Photo provided by Smith Commons. 

The blog Contra. Verse. See. is a fan of the drinks and atmosphere at Smith Commons (1245 H Street). From the write up:

"Smith Commons blends the restaurant, bar and club scene with warmth and class. The staff is friendly and has a camaraderie with their regulars."


Anonymous said...

Someone needs to tell them to stop closing their kitchen early. Its becoming a habit with them.

green cat

jaime said...

That same someone should let them knows that blocking [now former] fans on Twitter (and in real life) because of constructive criticism isn't a great habit, either.

Robby said...

Never heard of this blog. Why do they matter?

andrew said...

I was definitely *not* a fan of this place when it opened, but they've definitely made huge improvements to the quality of the food and staff since then. I no longer cringe when I'm invited to a happy hour here.

Still, for a place that looks as nice, and charges as high prices as Smith do, their operation does seem to be surprisingly poorly-managed.