Sunday, February 12, 2012

Local Link Round Up

Year of the Dragon Pop-up at Toki Underground from Kevin Widener on Vimeo. I believe the video originally appeared on BYT.

Sometimes I think everybody goes out on H Street these days. It certainly seems that way from all the online buzz about the Corridor. Here's a sampling of the local coverage. Drink DC does an Atlas District bar crawl, while the Final Draught sticks to one location for date night at Granville's (1238 H Street). Brightest Young Things has some great photos from the H Street Karaoke Championship. On Tap interviews a bartender from Tru Orleans (400 H Street). Toki Underground (2nd floor of 1234 H Street) continues to absolutely kill it with their top notch ramen and cool events. You should definitely check out these cool photos Washingtonian and Gourmet Grads have from the Chinese New Year event.

It arts related news No Rules Theatre Company's production of Peter Pan: The Boy Who Hated Mothers runs through March 3rd at the H Street Playhouse (1365 H Street), and it's getting plenty of positive attention. Metro Weekly, DC Broadway World, DC Theatre Scene, and We Love DC, discuss the adaptation.

The Washington Informer stirs the pot with an H Street gentrification story. You should also read a response to the piece from Rebuilding Place in the Urban Space. The streetcars have also been a hot topic with stories from WTOP, DCist, the GW Hatchet, and the Washington Post. The Washington Post also takes a look at the potential financial impact of the streetcar for the District. Meanwhile, Greater Greater Washington wonders if we shouldn't tweak the plans just a bit.

Over in NoMA the Uline Arena has sparked the interest of a writer for Catholic University's The Tower, and Zuppa Fresca (250 K Street) has found a fan in District Cuisine.


Tom A. said...

I wonder when the tipping point wil happen- when blogs writing about our neighborhood isn't novel or even interesting anymore.

Or when a new restaurant opens and no one really gets too excited about it.

Robby said...

It is kinda silly to track every time a food pundit mentions any place on H. I mean who give a rat's tail if random blog A, or small rag Y, or even WAPO names a place.

While this blog, and others that seems to populate DC and support gentrification (non-racial but demographic) focus on development, in the coming years they will focus on other issues like Georgetown blogs, Arlington Blogs, etc.

There will be a battle between this and nearby blogs regarding the issue of "beat" or "turf." May the best blogger win.

I personally like this blog, although the H Street NE Religion get's a little or a lot tiresome at certain points.

But tomorrow, when someone mentions any place on H it will be sure to gain a place on the blog roll.

We are still in coddle phase WRT H street, as long as it's not bombed out we celebrate, well that is except for 12, Autozone and other places no in with the cool kids.

Anonymous said...

This is a pretty good point about this that or the other food blog's newest post about a place on H Street, especially when they've been open a while. I rarely if every read them.

Sometimes they are helpful when a place is getting started. Otherwise, it seems more like a service to folks to don't live in the neighborhood and view H as a novelty, rather than those of us who do and are pretty familiar with the local places.

inked said...

I find the posts interesting because I like to see how individual places, and the Corridor overall, are perceived by visitors who don't live around here. I'm definitely conscious of the Corridor's larger reputation, and reading such posts is one way to keep tabs on that reputation.