Thursday, February 16, 2012

New Flea Market Coming to Miner Elementary

Miner A new flea market is headed for Miner Elementary School (601 15th Street NE) starting March 4th. The Miner Elementary School Flea Market will take place every Sunday 9am-4pm. There will be a variety of vendors (approximately 20) selling antiques, children's clothes, toys, vintage wear, jewelry (and other stuff typical of a flea market). There will also be vendors selling fruits and vegetables. It sounds like a good opportunity to interact with neighbors in a fun setting.


Roy Hobbs said...

Inked, any scoop on what's to be done with the adjacent original Miner Elementary building? Seems like a great opportunity for a condo reno a la the firehouse nearby on Maryland Ave. Is it because Miner is a city-owned property or former DC school that it hasn't been put to any use for over two years now?

Development is so frustratingly slow on some of these projects (like the Taja Construction's failjob to reno the Sun and Moon building, or the unexplained indefinite hold on completing the Almansya Apartments on G St. opposite the Checkas).

What the eff?

inked said...

Sorry, no info on that. A flea market seems like a good way to get people talking.

Some projects start and then stall. It sucks, but it's reality. Hopefully they will finish, or sell.

Anonymous said...

Any info on who's going to sponsor or be in charge of the flea market?
I assume they're going to rent the parking lot like the Eastern Market flea rents the Hine lot.
How do people sign up to rent booth space?

Anonymous said...

The old Miner school is suppose to be Police ROC HQ of some kind. It does have some historical significance as a Freedman's school.It should be renovated and used for the preschool programs. There will be a lot of future demand for kindergarden.

Anonymous said...

The old Miner school was supposed to be Police ROC HQ- but they discovered it is full of asbestos and woudl be too costly to repair. Instead, they set up some trailers behind the building- and used them for a while. I think they're gone now.

Anonymous said...

The old Miner school is full of asbestos, so the project was abandoned by MPD.

Anonymous said...

Don't know the vendor's name but until recently he was renting space at Howard. Suggest contacting the Principal of Miner for more info.