Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Remembering Capital City Diner


The Capital City Diner closed its doors last Sunday, but its passing did not go undocumented. Here's a bit of the local coverage:

The Washington Post: Capital City Diner's Last Weekend, in Pictures
NBC4: Say It Ain't So: Capital City Diner to Close
We Love DC: Elegy for a Diner
Neon Dreamscapes: Farewell Capital City
Eater: Capital City Diner Closes With Hopes to Reformat
Roadside: The Cap City Closes
Washington Post: Capital City Owner Talks About the Closing of His Beloved Diner


Anonymous said...

That black dude in the pillsbury doughboy costume was not around at all this weekend.

charles said...

As has been noted before, thanks to the owners for investing time, energy and money in the neighborhood. Hopefully they will have better luck next time.

Alan Page said...

When I watched the election results for my City Council campaign come in, I stopped by to get a drink at the Capitol City Diner with my campaign manager. The bartender consoled me for my loss with a free drink, if memory serves. Great folks. They'll be missed.

Anonymous said...

Alas!, we patronized it a couple of times (first time was when it first opened, then we waited a few months to see if it got "better"), but the food was uninspiring (the term, "you can't screw up breakfast" is proven wrong) and overall mood was uninviting. Unfortunately, the location didn't help. What's going to happen to teh actual diner car?