Monday, February 06, 2012

Sticky Rice Iron Chef Sushi Masters

Picture 6
The fun starts at 7pm.


Anonymous said...

Anyone know the time this starts at?

Anonymous said...

This is interesting, given that Sticky Rice's sushi generally suuuuucks

Anonymous said...

Maybe spike should worry about running his pizza place instead so it won't take 30 minutes to get a slice of pre-made 5 dollar pizza.

In NYC you can get a better slice for 3 dollars and it only takes about 30 seconds.

Dave B said...

Now you get to see why it takes an hour or more to get your sushi: watch a disinterested hipster with no training make it.

*Note: I haven't been to this place in like a year and a half so maybe like that guy in Monty Python who got turned into a newt, they "got bet'uhr"

Anonymous said...

sounds like a fun event for a lazy Sunday, $1 brew!!

inked said...