Thursday, March 01, 2012

Math Mistake at Center City Public Charter

Channel 9 has stories on a teacher at Center City Public Charter School (formerly Holy Name) who sent third graders home with some pretty inappropriate math problems (sample: "Tilda Tiger had many hungry children to feed on Thanksgiving Day. She caught 169 Africans, 526 Americans and 196 Indians. She then put the people equally into 9 enormous ovens to bake. How many desperate people were in each oven?"). The teacher claims she was forced to give that particular assignment. Center City PCS says no way. The questions came off of a home schooling website. Center City PCS operates six charter schools in the District.


Anonymous said...

Horrible! Why drag Elvis into this?

ro said...

wow. that's almost as bad as the Hitler Hippopotamus question on last year's geometry exam

Anonymous said...

huh. most fo the questions are ok, and would be well-like by middle schoolers. she should have just removed the few inappropriate question.

But who has "pieces of $20 notes?" is this a Britishism?

Anonymous said...

these questions woulds have made me like school more.

aliens kidnapping teachers?awesome.