Wednesday, March 07, 2012

A Peek at the Florida Ave/Union Market's Future


The Washington City Paper and Bisnow share a rendering of what appears to be the revamped DC Farmers Market building (the big white one in the picture above). The structure was damaged in a fire last October. It's owned by developer Edens, which has six properties in the Florida Avenue Market (for a total of 30 acres).


i *love* poo! said...

finally, a sense of real progress. i hope i'm still alive when they actually clean up that mess.

Zombie said...

I hope I'm still dead when this happens

Anonymous said...

I really, really hope this development happens. Long, long overdue.

tonysmallframe said...

Back to the H St of today:

The First District Vice Unit has been deployed in PSA 104 for the last few weeks due to robberies. Tonight, shortly after 7:30 pm, vice officers working in plainclothes observed several suspicious persons in the area of 9th and H Streets NE. The subjects approach a couple, at which time one of the suspects separated himself from the others and pulled a mask over his face. As he approached the couple, the officers exited their vehicle and the suspect looked in the direction of the officers and immediately removed his mask. The officers continued toward him, he ran and was observed tossing a weapon in a trash can. The suspect was apprehended and the weapon was recovered. The weapon was found to be a imitation pistol and the juvenile suspect was charged with Possession of a Prohibited Weapon and Wearing a Mask While Committing a Crime. The offense that this suspect was charged with is a misdemeanor; however, I believe that the officers preventing at least one robbery from occurring.

Danny Hickson
Commander, First District

Anonymous said...

I commend the police for proactively stopping the crime in our neighborhood. Good work. Unfortunately, because this guy is a juvenile and this was a misdemenor, the District will do nothing to him. The kids know that the judicial system will do nothing to them and many act accordingly.

andrew said...

Wow....this is a much more "evolutionary" approach than has been previously proposed for the area.

I like that in a lot of ways, but I'm honestly a bit surprised that they're planning to save this particular building. It's pretty new (1956 I believe?), definitely no architectural gem, doesn't particularly have a bright and airy appearance on the inside, and is going to take a TON of work to get into nice shape, even ignoring the fact that it recently suffered a major fire.

I'm also a bit surprised that they're emphasizing the building's southern frontage (and seemingly without doing much to the facade), since Gallaudet will presumably eventually develop the adjacent parcel.

oboe said...

Unfortunately, because this guy is a juvenile and this was a misdemenor, the District will do nothing to him. The kids know that the judicial system will do nothing to them and many act accordingly.

Furthermore, the kid's probably done this a dozen times in the past, but because he's a "first-time" offender, he'll be treated with leniency.

At some point we'll realize that treating the small percentage of violent juvenile criminals with kid gloves undermines any effort to get needed support to the kids that need help.

Also, for every adult who's a victim of these violent criminals, there are probably a dozen of his peers that he's victimized.

Anonymous said...

I've got to say the risk-reward factor for doing something like this (if I was a juvenile) leans HEAVILY in favor of at least trying it out once or twice. It's got to seem almost irresistible. "Go ahead, you can probably get away with this 96 times out of a hundred, and here's the best part: if you get caught, there's basically no consequence!" "You're right, great idea! Let's do this!"

I guess it really comes down to us as voters being willing to accept it, if we really wanted to change it we could. But I do have to hand it to the police, great job. That's a great story and I'm happy to read it.