Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Flats at Atlas Part I

I was lucky enough to take a tour of the new Flats at Atlas (1600 Maryland Ave). I took a ton of pictures at the site, and I'm sharing them in two posts. This first post is external photos.

I've been pretty astounded at how quickly this development has gone up. Remember that this is only phase one of a much larger project.

The parking garage is not visible from the outside.


Jordan said...

I must say I am pretty impressed with this place. When the massive cinderblock parking garage wall was exposed during construction I had my doubts.

Inked, where can I read about what is planned for the future phases of the Flats?


Anonymous said...

This is only phase one? How big is this place going to be, exactly?

Anonymous said...

we tried to make an appointment to look at their model apartment, but they told us to come back the next day, and then stood us up! I guess we didn't fit their "demographic"

Jordan said...

I found this urban turf article that quickly mentions at the end of the article that phase II will bring an additional 200 or so apartments.


Anonymous said...

I have been stood up for showings as well. It really had nothing to do with demographics and more ot do with miscommunication amongst the staff.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:51 -- It seems like you're trolling. There are many reasons why someone may have missed an appointment. What makes you jump immediately to not fitting with their demographics?

Anonymous said...

where are the pictures of the inside?

Panthro said...

I'm impressed with how large this project is going to be. It doesn't look that large from Bladensburg, but when you go up Maryland, you see just how big it is.

I think that the proposed rents are kind of high, but if they get them rented, then more power to them.

mizage said...

Where are all these new residents coming from. The amount of residential construction around the H St corridor seems high. I hope there isn't a glut of new apartments.

Bladensburg said...

I'm curious what will happen to the businesses along bladensburg road now that the Flats is anchored at the far end.
What are your thoughts on that stretch of land? I used to live near by and have always wondered if Bladensburg would ever become "revitalized". I used to think maybe in 15 or 20 years, but now that the Flats is here, I wonder if that will happen sooner, perhaps similar to the way H street is transforming right now. Or maybe that's just wishful thinking..

wylie coyote said...


will to bet the flats will jump start development all the way up to the mt olivet cemetary. i was shocked by how much business denny's has been getting.

oboe said...


Where are all these new residents coming from. The amount of residential construction around the H St corridor seems high. I hope there isn't a glut of new apartments.

Actually, we're looking at a pretty serious shortage of housing units over the coming decade.


Anonymous said...

My bet is that Benning Road will get a bigger boost sooner, mostly due the new streetscape and streetcar, but who knows really. In 5-10 years both Bladensburg and Benning will look much different.

Anonymous said...

LOVE that it has a parking garage and it's not visible from the outside, really nice touch for us living nearby to not have to see that. Now, am I going to be crucified because I am a fan?

To the anonymous who "claims" (sorry, you're aonymomous, how much am I supposed to believe you?) they weren't the right demographic (and exactly what demo are you?) I am a white guy who had that feeling looking at places in City Vista a few years ago. I would have felt the same way you do now, except for the fact I was indeed the right demographic. I've found many times real estate people/leasing agents are just jerks who find a way to make you feel small. Not sure exactly why. And I'm not saying that is the case here, but just saying be careful of jumping to conclusions. (now I'm sorry I even acknowledged that comment)

inked said...

I doubt it was a demographic issue. When I was there the other day I saw them give tours to people of various ages and races. The guy who took the tour right before me was an older black man with a cane.

Anonymous said...

I'd really like to see Bladensburg vital in a slightly different way than it is now. If your question is what will happen to the existing businesses, I can't see them benefitting too much from the Flats.

Sky Nails is gone, so no biz there. The diner likely would have seen some more business, but that is gone now too.

(keep in mind I'm just speculating here) The tire repair place may see a little more business, but I still prefer going to the one on Florida Ave near NY even though it's a little further.

CVS will probably see an increase in business, probably one of the big winners.

Not sure if Rose"s liquor, the other one down the street, or any of those convenience stores will see any increase in business. The Star Grocery across from the Argonaut will probably see more business, I've already noticed a more diverse crowd shopping there more regularly, but that is on Maryland.

Yums may see a little boost, especially if they offer delivery to the lobby of the Flats. Jimmy Vs may see a few more visitors. The Denny's may see a little boost, but there are so many great places that offer brunch and food options around here, I see the people who move into the Flats typically a little more adventurous than Denny's unless it is post-Valentines.

Beyond that on down the road, I don't see anything really benefiting in the near future, except maybe the storage place just past Mt. Olivet, which looks pretty nice from the outside. It's right down the street from what will be hundreds of renters who probably have limited in-unit storage.

I'll also be curious to see what the opening of Dakota Crossing's stores means to traffic headed down Bladensburg. They've really leveled some serious ground over there. Maybe this will cause increased businesses for the two gas stations before the cemetery.

That's probably not even what you are asking, but this is an open blog and I guess I'm allowed to post what I want. So that was it.

Anonymous said...

I'm super curious to know what kind of retail they might pull into the bottom level. Did they mention anything about that? Or have they changed that plan?

Anonymous said...

Thank god for all these new apartments. Hopefully it will burst the real estate bubble occurring here on the H.

bladensburg said...

anon 10:41 - that is exactly what I was asking.

fatty said...

Until that building fills up - I'm pretty sure their demographic is anyone with good credit and rent money

LivingonLang said...

Does anyone know if there are plans for development further down Bladensburg Road away from H street and toward Mt. Olivet? No offense to anyone at all but, I can't wait for that part to change a little quicker. I have actually gone out to clean up and pick up bottles, as well as on my own street, but it is a losing game.

inked said...


I would expect to see some development up that way before too long. I can't say for sure, but it seems like a very good bet once we see streetcars.

H Vegas said...


Just wanted to say thanks for going out and picking that stuff up, that's great!

You might have seen it, but I think that article featuring Englert has him envisioning some type of textile or fashion construction district? Do a Google search for "joe englert, washingtonian" to see what he had to say...I think it might be on the last page of the article. Dated Mar 1, 2012 and I'm pretty sure it's on this blog somewhere too.