Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Gallaudet Campus Plans Forums & Workshop


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Anonymous said...

Instead of their asking the community how the Gallaudet Campus can improve, I'd like to see the Gallaudet leadership/administration become more involved in our community. You would think they would realize the more they speak up for neighborhood improvements (crime, trash, etc.) that their campus improves too.

poo's bro said...

they think they're different than the neighborhood, and different than ANYONE ELSE IN DC OR ELSEWHERE.

they think they're special.

they care about themselves, and that's about it.

sad, but true.

Ed said...

I wouldn't say they're just self centered. A lot, and I mean a lot of them have no idea of the way the "real world" works outside the walls of Gallaudet University. A lot of them are just too institutionalalized to either understand, or even care. And I'm not just talking about the students. I'm talking faculty/staff too.

Anonymous said...

The whole point of this outreach process is to try to build bridges and help resolve some of these ridiculous complaints & stereotypes above.

Upcoming development at Gallaudet will soften the edge of campus by providing additional pedestrian entrances, and retail and other public buildings along 6th & Florida. These are all good things to help better incorporate the University into the neighborhood.

inked said...

I agree with 9:09. If you are concerned abut a disconnect between Gallaudet and the larger community, you should go to this meeting, and talk to them. I know that they have made some various series moves to better integrate the school, its students, and its faculty, into the larger local community. It's not the insular place that it was once upon a time. I even went to one meting at which I was stunned to hear the school's leadership suggest that they ultimately wanted to tear down the gates that were erected after the riots. They discussed the fact that more students than ever are living off campus, and how the whole concept of deaf culture is evolving and becoming more connected to hearing culture. I've also seen the University take very concrete steps to deal with off-campus student parties, and such. Gallaudet is not making this an adversarial thing, hearing people shouldn't either.

Ed said...

"ridiculous complaints & stereotypes above" ?

As a member of the Gallaudet community for almost 10 years I can assure you there is nothing ridiculous about my statement

inked said...

I was assuming that that quote referred to the first two comments. The first, bk Gallaudet is making better efforts to reach out and deal with ANCs to mitigate any negative externalities associated with their students. The second bk it's Poo Poo ('nuff said). Maybe I shouldn't have assumed that. Your comment seemed to be more of an explanation (one that makes sense to me). There are definitely challenges that we all face here, but I do think that we are moving in the right direction.

Ed said...

Yeah, they're definitely moving in the right direction with these workshops.

SunnyFloridaAve said...

I attended tonight's forum and found it very informative and exciting. They want to take down the service buildings at the corner of 6th and Florida and open the campus with a pedestrian gate leading into their Olmstead Green. Sounded awesome to me. They also communicated their intention to become a louder advocate on behalf of shrinking Florida Ave, so they have my support. Inked, please blow up the April 30 Workshop, the more community involvement the better.