Tuesday, April 17, 2012

HSGS: Boundary Road Launches Brunch


H Street Great Street reports that Boundary Road (414 H Street) is now open for brunch. The blog even has the menu posted.


fatty said...

Bacon and eggs $12

Yogurt and granola $10


Anonymous said...

Thank God the lower classes are being priced out of this neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

I like the building. The food is okay but more expensive than the Atlas room which has such better food.

Half the times I've been to Boundary I was treated very well, with polite and friendly service. The other half I was treated very poorly. One of the owners (i think --- guy with glasses and beard) completely ignored my group when we had a question. He just walked away before we could even really ask. The other owner is very active and polite. It's a shame. Another time, I was standing by the service bar to pay my bill (didn't realize i was blocking it until the large waiter stood almost on top of me to make a point rather than say excuse me). I don't plan to go back even though I live walking distance.

Mitt Romney said...

Home of the $12
Peanut Butter Sammich!

ChocoTaco said...

They don't like it when you refer to the place as Florida Avenue.

Hillman said...

Can we please have some restaurants that serve the full lunch menu on weekends, instead of brunch only?

There are a lot of people that would like a damn lunch on a weekend, instead of some overpriced brunch items and a limited menu.

Seriously, folks. You have the facilities. How about allowing your customers to order off the regular menu?

It's such a treat to travel to other cities and be able to have lunch on weekends.

Anonymous said...

But then Hillman you wouldn't be able to drink your lunch. Seriously, brunch just seems to be an axcuse for a bottomless something alcoholic mixed drink. It certainly isn't about good food.

Anonymous said...

Brunch is all about using up all of the food items in the kitchen from the previous week to make room for the fresh items coming in the following week. That's why the menus are almost always limited.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'd like to whine. WHINE! Thanks.

oboe said...

Thank God the lower classes are being priced out of this neighborhood.

Yeah! Why doesn't someone open a decent, cheap diner in the neighborhood where regular workin' folk can buy a meal without breaking the bank?

Hell, all you'd have to do is find an old silver diner somewhere (I hear you can even buy them on eBay!), and plunk it down on a lot--say on Bladensburg Road. You'd make a killing!

oboe said...

(Either that or the same folks bitching and moaning about $12 eggs would just buy their own damned eggs from Aldi, fry 'em up, slap 'em on top of some toasted wonder bread, and sit at home watching you go out of business.)

curmudgeon said...

oboe wins.

Anonymous said...

Zuppa Fresca: Right down the street

Eggs, Bacon, Toast and Fruit $6
Full Brunch including Lunch Menu
Benedicts between $10 and $12
Bottemless Mimosas $14