Friday, April 13, 2012

A Second Visit to YoonHa's


Pardon the low resolution cell phone photos. I made an unscheduled stop at YoonHa's Kitchen and Deli (325 Morse Street) today. What you see above is the spicy pork. I ordered it extra spicy. It came with a kimchi soup with fresh bean sprouts, rice, fish cakes with onions, winter kimchi, and radish kimchi. The pork was indeed spicy. I enjoyed everything on my tray. The low point was the soup, which was just decent. The price for everything you see here is $6.90. I took maybe a 1/3 of it home. The owners were super nice, and kept offering to give me a little more fish cakes or kimchi if I wanted it. The place was decently busy today (I was there at about 1pm), and all the customers (who did not know each other) were discussing the food.

I previously posted the menu, but they seem to be adding new stuff all the time and tweaking the offerings.

More pics after the jump.



H Vegas said...

You're makin' me hungry here

inked said...

Go check it out. The food is quite good. Just remember that their hours are 5am-3pm and they don't do Sundays.

poo said...

cool! i'm going to check it out today, ex post haste!

oh wait. it's closed.

guess my $70 goes to thai takeout from the hill.

maybe next time.....

likely NOT.

Anonymous said...

@ poo:

I don't understand why you participate in this blog - it seems all you ever do is make rude/snide comments that you apparently find comical. Zero added value to members of the neighborhood who are interested in what it has to offer.

le poo des poos said...

sorry to spoil your love fest, but there is always room for a critic. they actually play an important role in society. if you had any depth of perspective, you'd see that the point of some people spending copious amounts of money on restaurants that are NOT in our neighborhood is fairly well made. (i.e. yoonha's hours suck)

sorry everything isn't rosy and clearly spelled out for you.

but there's still hope: graduate school USA is offering night courses on "critics and sarcasm: how to understand adults in the age of new media"

Poo, tiresome Poo... said...

Dear Poo:

There are MANY restaurants in the Capital Hill and Trinidad neighborhood with similar hours - they are frequently family run restaurants which have chosen to serve a particular target market that doesn't happen to have the same needs as YOU. Not every restaurant exists solely to meet YOUR needs. Get over it or go back to Iowa or wherever you are from.

Some restaurants choose to serve the Congressional breakfast lunch crowds, or the early-morning market workers who get off work by mid-afternoon. They don't need to work 24-7 just in case some yahoo who won't have anything good to say about them anyways happens to be hungry.

Here is a PARTIAL list of restaurants (some of which are very very good) that would prefer to have the afternoon and evening off rather than cater to your whims: stop whining about it and EAT SOMEWHERE ELSE:

- Jimmy T's
- Market Lunch
- Yoon Ha's
- MGM Roast Beef
- Pete's Diner
- Tacqueria Nacionale
- Bagels & Baguettes
- Mangialardo & Sons
- A Litteri
- Toscano's lunch menu (they serve a GREAT pizza during lunch, but you can't get it if you go in the evening)

If you want a restaurant which serves exactly what YOU want, whenever YOU want it, open your own. Until then, accept the things you cannot change, or take a freaking day off - sounds like you could use one. Whiner.

mizage said...
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Anonymous said...

Not sure knocks against Iowa are necessary or relevant in any way.

A Taste of Poo said...

(the knock against Iowa was merely a reference to Poo's repeated comment along the same lines, time after time - what longtime readers here might think of as the "Poo treatment" - so, in effect, just giving him/it a taste of his/its own medicine. No Iowans were harmed or intentionally demeaned in the creation of this post.

Kate said...

I visited this place about a week ago, and loved it! I can vouch for the spicy beef soup, and the spicy squid grilled with veggies. And, the family who owns it is so sweet. We paid $21 for two entrees plus two drinks, and it was far more than we could devour. I loved that the little vegetable pancakes were free and an automatic part of the meal, too.

Anonymous said...

*Rusty Church Van*

Hey is this place still open?

inked said...

As far as I know they are still open and going strong. Please note that they do keep hours that make sense for the wholesale market, as opposed to typical restaurant hours.