Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tony T. to Guest DJ at Jimmy Valentine's

_______ __________ _____ by Fitsum Belay/iLLIMETER
_______, a photo by Fitsum Belay/iLLIMETER on Flickr.

Tony T. of the Pug (1234 H Street) and Solly of Solly's (1942 11th Street NW) will rock the house at Jimmy Valentine's Lonely Hearts' Club (1103 Bladensburg Road) this Saturday. The two will spin tunes late into the night for your enjoyment.  It's unclear if this is their first DJ gig ever, but it is certainly the first musical appearance by either at Jimmy V's.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

When? Tonight?

mizage said...

tony t used to do some djing at the cap lounge back in the day

inked said...

Saturday night. I don't have an exact time.

Anonymous said...

Corey Aquino Rocks---

Tony was brought over from Manila in the 70's as an indentured servant and played mostly Don Ho and ukelele music at Tiki Bars in Virgina. He invented The Suffering Bastard.