Wednesday, May 02, 2012

CHNNA Mtg Tonight

Sorry for the late notice about this Capitol Hill North Neighborhood Association meeting. The general meeting will be May 2nd from 6-7pm at Two Rivers Charter School located at 1227 4th Street NE (Florida Ave & 4th). Tommy Wells will be speaking about the recent shooting on L street, and elections will be held for the four Delegates at Large.


ML said...

Commander Hickson of the First District will be speaking at tonight's meeting.

Anonymous said...

any update from last night's meeting?

Salim said...

Not much said at the meeting. Com. Hickson said they have a cop car parked at that corner 24/7 and that they are investigating. Tommy advised people to call the cops if they see anything suspicious. Same old. Same old. Residents feel is if they know the problem house and the person responsible for the incidents and relayed that info to Com Hickson. Meanwhile, there was a shooting on Abbey Place (4-5 rounds) around 330am on the morning of Saturday May 5th. Some kind of spillover incident from's gonna be a LONG LONG SUMMER!