Friday, June 15, 2012

Hunted House Grand Opening Tomorrow


Press release below:

Hunted House Hosts June 16 Grand Opening (June 14)…….Hunted House, Mid Century Modern and Vintage Furnishings and More announces the Grand Opening of its recently relocated store at 510 H Street, NE, on Saturday, June 16, 2012. As a way of thanking customers for their business, the store is offering 20% off on ALL purchases at $100 or above. This includes newly arrived items as well.

Hunted House, which moved to H Street from the bustling 14th Street NW corridor in mid-April, has had a warm welcome on the H Street strip according to owner Mark Johnson. “We feel very at home here and local residents and fellow business owners have been quite friendly to us starting week one,” Johnson said. “Customers have told us how much they really want retail shops on H Street as this business and residential district continues to transform.” “We’ve been very surprised at how many of our customers who used to come in to our former 14th Street NW location actually live over in this part of town,” he noted. The owner added that folks are happy to not have to travel across town to buy furniture, art and home décor accessories. “They tell us how nice it is to have us in the `hood and they also tell us to hold on as the strip continues to grow and gets busier and busier with shoppers.

As the Grand Opening day falls on the weekend of Father’s Day, Hunted House is launching a collection of vintage clothing, mostly for men, on its lower level. The collection includes suits, neckties, sports shirts, slacks, hats, caps, shoes. Other items carried by the store include vintage luggage, shoulder bags and men’s toiletry kits. In our 6 years in business Hunted House has always tried to carry furniture, home décor and lifestyle items that appeal to those who love Mid Century Modern and vintage, on the basis of style, quality, uniqueness and price. “America is having a love affair with the 60s right now and we see ourselves as matchmakers,” Johnson said. “But many of us have loved the style of this period for a while,” he added, and will continue to even after others might have moved on to something else.” 510 H Street, NE


Anonymous said...

Great for them! I am one of those caught up in this 60s love thang! Now I can get my fix right `round the corner! Yessss!

Anonymous said...

This is a really nice store. Didn't know that I was 60 fan but I like several of the well made items.

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Nice place. Very cozy and it feels like home. People will definitely make this place as a hang out.